Porto Portugal

I’ve done it! I’ve been to Portugal this summer!


I have my friend who always says: I used to like summer,but now I like money. If you have money – you can have a summer for the whole year.
Why am I talking about it? Because it was the continuance of the year’s plan (every New Year I try to gather the list of items that I’d like to have done in upcoming 365 days, I have written about it here).  So I just wanted to show that travelling isn’t so expensive as it may seem.

Preparation started in January. We bought first tickets Kharkiv-Warsaw-Kharkiv. We did it in advance, in 7 months before, it cost almost nothing (we did not know about future situation in our country). And then we had been buying/booking the rest of tickets/hostels for half a year. As I wrote, one surprise had happened: we lost tickets from Kharkiv several days before our trip, WizzAir had gone out from my city. We spent almost the whole day (22 hours!) to get to Warsaw, it was hard but it was fun and unforgettable experience!

Why Portugal?

Answer is obvious – it is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone wants to go to the edge of Old Europe, am I wrong? 🙂  We were not an exception!


Just we arrived – all expectations were exceeded. Moreover, as I found out later, Porto was nominated as the best city to visit in Europe for the last two years.


It seems that time has stopped here. Government put old boats along the Douro(one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula) coast. It looked fantastic. By these boats they exported Porto wine (also known as Vinho do Porto, Porto, and usually simply port)  around the world.


One thing that surprised me a lot – fish in the river. Really huge amount of fish along the whole coast. According to locals, they do not eat this type of fish due to the city’s drainage systems that come into Douro.


I even started thinking about a plant that produces cat food 🙂 People are fishing just for fun and let fish go back into the river.

Of course you can ask about city, architecture,etc.. You will definitely find it awesome! Far far ago, city consisted of many churches. And at the beginning of the 19th century (I might be wrong about a century!) almost all of them were given to the city’s needs. But, do justice to portuguese, they could save the whole beauty and atmosphere. For example, it is how the Central Railway Station looks:


And the same is everywhere:


In case you go to Porto, I believe you will find it helpful: there is a free excursion around the city. How it works? You join a group on the central square, do a walking city tour and in accordance to your satisfaction you reward the guide:


And of course, ocean! It was amazing! I believe it does not need no advertising:

At the end I’d like to say: I wish your dreams came true! And you could cross out as many as possible from your to-do list for a year, for a life!

To be continued..

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