Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain, 06.06.2014

I went to Poland last week and accidentally visited the biggest multimedia fountain in the country.

Wroclaw Media Fountain

It took 2 hours for the sun to settle and the darkness kickstarted the show, which honestly exceeded my expectations. Must I say, my body was covered with goosebumps from the very beginning and till the end (I’ll tell you why in a bit).

About the fountain: there are almost 300 nozzles installed in the fountain, out of which water spouts in the form of geysers, mist, foam, etc. to a height of up to 40 m. Thus, an enormous water screen is created, on which visualizations are projected with accompanying music and laser effects.

And as I promised – that day’s breathtaking show:

P.S. This post has been written in English, because I intended to share appreciation on how people across the globe support Ukraine! Thank you very much for your support and kind efforts to remind the world about my country, which happened to undergo hard times.

3 thoughts on “Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain, 06.06.2014

  1. Anya says:


  2. Katrine says:

    круто, не реально. в Барселоне попроще. Простиии, что коммент не английском я еще не так крута 🙂

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